Sketch: Excuses To Drink On A Monday

Sketch: Excuses To Drink On A Monday

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HeaderBy Dan and Dave Vandersteen. Kickstarter Close date: Friday, October 2, 2015. Publish date: October 2015

Dan and Dave Vandersteen write,

A psychopathic wheelchair-bound maniac lives with his anti-social friend, a transient basement dweller, and a sardonic store clerk and also no one has pupils for some reason. They will try to be better people. They will fail.


We’ve been producing comedy for the internet for almost 4 years. We’ve had our own show on The Escapist, seen by tens of people! We were described by Loading Ready Run as “talented” and “seriously great work” in a contest we didn’t win! And we’ve produced over 800 comics, twelve of which are legitimate garbage but the rest are pretty decent.


We chose making jokes on the internet over learning practical skills, and now we have a chance to share those jokes with people who are sometimes not the internet with our first volume Excuses to Drink on a Monday. It’s a full-color collection of over 600 comics from the first 3 years or so, bound together by glue or something. Love, maybe? Not sure. It’s a quality collection, and a great permanent record in case this internet fad bottoms out.


We hate to toot our own horn (because that expression makes us weirdly uncomfortable) but we’re solidly funny and we want to share our comic with as many people as possible. Plus – damn, you can get shirts and buttons and whatnot, so that’s pretty tight.

Get your own excuse to drink on a Monday and back our book here.

Get there early for our Drunk on Bleeding Cool tier, and save $5!

Or check out our “work” at and kill some hours before the cold grip of the grave. Was that too dark? Did we just get real? Did we just blow your mind? Hopefully not; that gets messy and we don’t own a mop.

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