Lawbreaker's Cliff Bleszinski Can See Why Free-To-Play Is A 'Dirty, Dirty Thing'

Lawbreaker’s Cliff Bleszinski Can See Why Free-To-Play Is A ‘Dirty, Dirty Thing’

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The idea of free-to-play is a weird one. For many, it is a dirty word, associated with mobile games that eLawbreakers-Live-Action-700x350xist to rake in the money by addiction. For me though, I see the inherent value, as I’ve gotten 200 hours out of Dota 2, only ever spending $30 on the title.

I’m super interested to see how Lawbrekaers does with the model though. Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski new team Boss Key Studios will be adapting the model in a AAA first person shooter space, which will be intriguing to see play out. However, speaking to Destructoid, said he empathizes with core gamers saying:

It’s the idea of perceived value. Core gamers have seen free-to-play as a dirty, dirty thing. I can respect that. The amount of money I’ve spent on free-to-play games is very little. I don’t go full A Beautiful Mind on it, but I can kind of see where this is going. So, when it comes toHearthstone, I’m just like ‘Here’s $60, just give me the fucking packs.

However, Bleszinski went on to say that he believes that old ways of packaging and selling games is over, at least for him.

Yeah, for me, that’s completely dead. That’s pre-orders, that’s ‘how many do you get in the first two months’ and then it’s an exponential curve downward after that, People who are still doing that: have fun. For me, that’s old. For us, it’s about a ramp.

As I’ve said, I’m super interested to see how Lawbreakers plays out. If this really is an excellent arena FPS, the players should come. I hope they do.

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