Age Of Ultron Deleted Scene Offers Maria Hill Insight

Age Of Ultron Deleted Scene Offers Maria Hill Insight

Posted by August 29, 2015 Comment

It’s unclear how Tumblr user luvindowney came into possession of this deleted scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron, but it’s interesting for the interaction between Cobbie Smulders’ Maria Hill and Chris Evans‘ Captain America:


I also like that little hint of Hawkeye’s wife and how he plays its off toward the end of the scene.

ComicBookMovie user Minty suggests it might be setting up Hill’s viewpoint when it comes time to choose a side in Captain American: Civil War. You might remember that on Thursday, when those Team Cap and Team Iron Man pictures, I assumed Hill would be part of Tony’s group entirely based on the character’s affiliation in the original comic book, but the scene may indicate the screen version of Hill will do likewise.

It’s just idle speculation and perfect for a late August weekend.

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