Suicide Squad Wraps In Crew Photo

Suicide Squad Wraps In Crew Photo

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Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad wrapped principle photography this week and director David Ayer commemorated the event by posting this crew photo to his Twitter account:

Suicide Squad was something of a surprise when first announced; an outlier on Warner Bros’ then-emerging DC Entertainment movie slate. It emerged from development quickly. At the time, it featured no marquee characters and the surprising decision to cast Will Smith as Floyd Lawton (for the record, I still think he’s a good choice for Floyd provided Smith brings the right balance of swagger and thoughtfulness). From that moment on, the film’s active social media campaign, inaugurated with Ayer starting his Twitter account, baffled potential fans with Jared Leto‘s slow motion reveal of his Joker persona that seemed Juggalo inspired — provided he’s actually playing the Joker — and wacky stunts, like the stars giving each other tattoos.

We now know Ben Affleck‘s Batman will make an appearance and that it is part of the studio’s concerted effort to start its own cinematic universe with the DC characters. We’ve also seen the Comic-Con sizzle reel with a depiction of Harley Quinn that gave more than a few of her fans reason to worry.

But as the project moves into it’s next phase, we can only wonder what next August will bring with the DC Cinematic Universe underway and Suicide Squad in release.

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