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11899935_10207134621066546_3845072242378754561_nWith Straight Outta Compton hitting the screens, on Facebook, Rob Liefeld reminisced about NWA member and the Godfather of gangsta rap,

to that time Eazy-E came to my comic store signing. I was shocked and thrilled when Eazy showed up at the Golden Apple for the launch of Youngblood #1. I acted like a fool because I was intimidated by his presence. I remember thinking “Eazy E reads my comics?? What?? AWESOME! He was persistent and insisted we do a comic together so we decided to develop a comic “The Hood” and we worked on it until he became ill. Really sweet guy, incredible talent. Give way too soon! I’m seeing ‪#‎StraightOuttaCompton‬ this weekend as the‪#‎NWA‬ story is a compelling on for all artists! I know I have the sketches for The Hood in my files, I’ll dig em up and share them soon. ‪#‎robliefeld‬‪#‎imagecomics‬

He dug them up.

Here are some of the sketches for The Hood, a project about urban men with powers developed/created with Eazy-E in 1992-93. The designs are dated but reflect the time of that era. #Youngblood had a huge urban audience with characters as Sentinel and Chapel. Would have been a blast to complete but Eazy-E had fell out of contact due to complications with his illness.#NWA #eazyE #robliefeld #imagecomics

Note, one of them is actually called Compton.

When asked “maybe you should bring them back as now would be the most appropriate time”, Rob replied

Never say never…

We won’t, Rob!

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