Home Video: Age of Ultron Behind The Scenes Tease

Home Video: Age of Ultron Behind The Scenes Tease

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bettanyWith Avengers: Age of Ultron coming to home video on October 2nd, clips from the special features are starting to make their way onto the internet, like Tuesday’s video of James Spader in a motion capture suit.

Today’s clip, courtesy of JoBlo Trailers, features Paul Bettany‘s transformation into the film’s other major android character, Vision:


The cooling suit under his android costume is one of those really nifty pieces of technology you never see on screen, but makes perfect sense for actor’s support. With a costume that confining and difficult to remove, adding a cooling system keeps him focused on the job and not his body temperature. I bet every extra who ever wore a storm trooper-inspired suit of armor wished for a layer of quick cooling. I was in New Orleans on the set of a horror film that required an entire cold room to protect an actor in extensive prosthetics — and the intricate appliances — from the New Orleans heat.

While the disc release of the film is a little over a month away, it will be available on Digital HD streaming platforms on September 8th.


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