When Phil Coulson Met Leonardo Da Vinci

When Phil Coulson Met Leonardo Da Vinci

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There are a number of ages to SHIELD at Marvel Comics. There is the age that begat it, the sixties with Stan Lee and Jim Steranko, and continued after then. Then there is the reinvention of SHIELD by Brian Bendis that would be incorporated into the movies and television series and back into the comics again. And there is a third age, the long history of what came before, a SHIELD from the dawn of civilisation, that protected the world before its modern incarnation with the same name, created by Jonathan Hickman.

Today’s issue of SHIELD seeks to marry all three as Phil Coulson meets Leonardo Da Vinci, via the paperwork of Nick Fury.


IMG_0012  And giving Phil a run down on the true, massive history of SHIELD. How will he react to it?IMG_0013Probably as you’d expect. But this is the first time the three ages of SHIELD have been knitted together like this…

Any chance we might get Leonardo appearing in season three? It can’t just be about Inhumans, can it?

You know, an immortal Leonardo might be a way to crossover Agents Of SHIELD and Agent Carter…

SHIELD is published today from Marvel Comics. Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a signing for Doctor Who and Planet of The Apes artist Rachel Scott today, and launching an exhibition for Jessica Martin on Saturday.



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