Mads Mikkelsen Not Rogue One Villain

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mikkelsenIn the English-speaking world, actor Mads Mikkelsen has a reputation as a screen bad guy. He has that presence that serves the face of evil well in big budget films. He also made people take notice of the Hannibal TV series. It seems natural he would don an Imperial uniform in the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, right?

According to Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet (translated by StarWars7News), the answer is: no.

The actor said his “very important role” takes him away from villainy. “No, my character is actually not a bad guy, and then I can not say more,” he explained. “I can also say that the movie will be shot in Iceland and England. And the filming will last for three months.”

He also alluded to another big role, possibly unannounced when told his name appears on the IDMb page immediately under star Felicity Jones. “I have not actually noticed that. It is probably because the other might not have come on the list yet.” The transcript noted he “smiled.”

Collecting Star Wars rumors often turns into a game of tea leaves, so who knows if there’s another part yet to be announced. In the meanwhile, it seems a ton of fan art featuring Mikkelsen in an Imperial tunic has suddenly been silenced.

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