Kickstarter Stalled: The Last Cavalier Graphic Novel

Kickstarter Stalled: The Last Cavalier Graphic Novel

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This is Daniel McVicar‘s Kickstarter for The Last Cavalier hardcover graphic novel, due to be published last year. It hasn’t. It hasn;t been drawn yet. And some backers are wondering if it ever will be. Here’s how backers received updates over the period…

may 2014

Script is being reworked and the artist is sorting out his schedule. All seems in order.

july 2014

Art is underway! Obviously it takes time, but this is good news!

oct 2014

So an artist who had to take other work ahead of this. Okay. We can buy that.

nov 2014A month later, art starts to come through.

feb 2015 That’s… a little slow isn’t it? And by June… stagnation.
june 2015And then nothing since… is it the Kickstarter Graphic Novel that time forgot? Daniel appears not to have logged into the site since July 28th.

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