Home Video: Manimal Complete Series in November

Home Video: Manimal Complete Series in November

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product_images_modal_ManimalCover72dpi__7B374bcfe7-74a8-4d73-b1d3-ff9e5de86887_7DManimal was one of those shows people just seemed to know about when I was in college. Or, rather, they knew the show was something of an embarrassment to NBC. The network aired it from September to December 1983 and it had a remarkable second life airing on the then-named SciFi Channel after The Misfits of Science for some time.

Naturally, I have a soft spot for the program which starred the fabulously-named Simon MacCorkindale as Dr. Jonathan Chase, a famed criminology professor with with the gift — or curse — to transform into any animal he wished, but often a puma. Partnered with a NYPD detective and a former US Army Intelligence officer, they fought crime until the show was quickly cancelled after eight episodes.

But thanks to the awesome folks at Shout! Factory (who are bringing the also short-lived and similiarly goofy Automan to DVD), the entire series is coming to DVD on November 10th. Special features include an interview with creator Glen A. Larson and production notes, but the main event is the show itself, finally in DVD clarity for those of us who loved the show to bask in its early-80s glory.

So, uh, Shout!, how much longer do I have to wait for you to release Supertrain?

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