Valiant's Shadowman Making A Return in December

Valiant’s Shadowman Making A Return in December

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Shadowman is undoubtedly one of the biggest characters in the Valiant stable, right up there with X-O Manowar, Ninjak, Bloodshot, Dr. Mirage and the lot of them. I know, I played the N64 game. It was ace.
Created by Steve Englehart, Jim Shooter and David Lapham in the early 90s, then reworked by Garth Ennis and Ashley Wood, the character supported one of Valiant’s longest running ongoing series for a 100 issues, and then spawned a hugely successful video game franchise for Acclaim.
So just where is he? The New Orleans-based hero has been stranded in the Deadside dimension since Peter Milligan concluded his run early last year, but he nevertheless continues to be the one Valiant character that is most often demanded by fans and most often requested by creators…
But now sources close to Valiant that are telling Bleeding Cool that the publisher has major plans for Shadowman…ones that will rival Valiant’s recent revivals of Bloodshot and Ninjak in terms of creative talent and scale. And that we can expect to see Shadowman back in play — possibly in the pages of another Valiant series other than his own — before 2015 is out…
Currently, Shadowman’s arch-rival, Master Darque, is mucking it up as the big bad of the publisher’s best-selling Book of Death event series.  Could he be making a surprise third act appearance in that series? Or will his return be something else entirely?
Those December solicitations will be hitting in a just a few weeks…so keep your eyes peeled for something shadowy…

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