Gabriel Chavarria On The Planet Of The Apes

Gabriel Chavarria On The Planet Of The Apes

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actor20th Century Fox‘s reimagined Planet of the Apes franchise is one of the more creatively successful relaunches. Both films take the premise of the fourth and fifth films in the original series and present the creation of ape civilization in genuinely intriguing ways. Also, they showcase the talents of Andy Serkis and truly stunning visual effects work to create ape characters that increasingly carry the films. Toby Kebbell‘s Koba nearly stole the last movie from Serkis’ Caesar.

Of course, it’s still necessary to cast humans and Deadline reports actor Gabriel Chavarria will be one of the remaining humans in War of The Planet of The Apes. While relatively unknown, Chavarria appears in the Hulu series East Los High and Low Riders. Considering the title, one assumes he will battle the intelligent apes as mankind continues its decline.

Matt Reeves, who directed Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, returns for the third installment and previously stated the film will feature Caesar as “the ape Moses” and outline how he truly became the most important figure in ape history.

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