Do You Remember When Deadpool And The Wasp Got It On? No? You Will…

Posted by August 25, 2015 Comment

Tomorrow’s Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #4 by Cullen Bunn, Matteo Lolli and Matteo Buffagni is the final issue of this very special mini-series, that inserts Deadpool into a story that he never seemed to be in, during it’s first telling.

And it begins by again, um, inserting Deadpool somewhere we’d never known he’d been. In bed with Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp.

DPOOLSCW2015004-int2-2-d9136 I guess what happens on the Battleworld, stays on the Battleworld. And if Deadpool has another woman on his mind…

DPOOLSCW2015004-int2-5-d5458 …well, the Wasp seems to have another man on hers.

By the way folks, this is all now Marvel canon. I understand the issue will make sure of that, and explain everything… aside from the soon-to-exist Ryan Reynolds/Evangeline Lilly slash fiction.



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