Take A Look At The Vibrant Star Fox Zero Box Art

Take A Look At The Vibrant Star Fox Zero Box Art

Posted by August 24, 2015 Comment

While I almost never buy into nostalgia in any serious way, Star Fox will always hold a place of reverence for me. There really is something about it that I’m in love with. The vibrancy and life of the game is so eye catching, and the strenghts of Star Fox 64 still holds up today, in my estimation.

That’s why I’m pretty darn excited about Star Fox Zero. And this newly revealed box art absolutely spews that same colour and vibrancy I remember. Take a look.


There is a slow fervour hitting the net at the moment about this though because Platinum Games don’t appear on the front of the box despite developing the game. That does seem…problematic. I’m certain they will be on the back, but still. We’ve done this recently. Credit where credit is due.

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