Cultural Immigrant Fake Geek Cosplaying Girls - And The Eltingville Club

Cultural Immigrant Fake Geek Cosplaying Girls – And The Eltingville Club

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The Eltingville Club 001-013

In last year’s Eltingville Club #1 by Evan Dorkin, a two part conclusion to his scabrous condemnation of comic book fan culture, he gave us the last days of the store our four lead fanboys frequented. And demonstrated exactly why there were no fangirls there.

The Eltingville Club 001-013

The second issue, published this month, sees the boys all grown up, and meeting at San Diego Comic Con. I mean, I say all grown up. Their attitude to woman hasn’t exactly grown up with them. Especially when there is cosplay involved…

The Eltingville Club 002-013After all the Eltingville Club are proper fans… not like the fake geek girls the store owner identified all that time ago and has clearly stuck with them.

The Eltingville Club 002-014

Note that only three of them are doing the mocking. One of them, Jerry the fantasy guy, might have actually matured to the degree that has a girlfriend. Unfortunately…

The Eltingville Club 002-015

…and they still aren’t.

The Eltingville Club 002-016

And there’s probably a reason for that.

The Eltingville Club 002-018 I bet Bill didn’t vote for Ms Marvel‘s winning place at the Hugo’s at the weekend.

This is just one of the more resonant, topical and telling moments of the very-final, that’s-it-forever, honest-to-goodness-Evan-means-it-this-time story of the Eltingville Club – and they do get their just desserts.

But it’s okay, there is a degree of detachment when reading this comic, it is about them, it’s not about you, you can laugh at it,  because it’s everybody else, but never you, it’s…

The Eltingville Club 002-010

Oh bugger.

The Eltingville Club #2 by Evan Dorkin is published by Dark Horse Comics. Issue 1 will be somewhere, bagged and boarded in a longbox.


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