When Clark Woke Up Naked In Lois' Bed...

When Clark Woke Up Naked In Lois’ Bed…

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So, yes, Newsarama has a preview of Superman #43. Nice and non-linear. Because even though he wakes up thus,


And he is where you might expect…


He is also as naked as he was last month. Which means we get some skeevy perving going on as well.

SM_43_2aMaybe he was trying to be distracting. Anyway, the next scenes play out against what we know is to come.

Except that we know that she won’t.

Image (68)

Although we have our theories about that. And we learn something else about Lois, that she nearly….


Except we know that this may not be the case…


And the last issue of Action Comics ended like this…

Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 020-022

The truth will out…. how “nearly” was it, Lois?


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