Mad Max Director For Man of Steel 2?

Mad Max Director For Man of Steel 2?

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george-millerSo here’s a rumor courtesy of Outer Places (via Latino Review). Despite the Man of Steel sequel not appearing on Warner Bros’ slate of upcoming DC Entertainment films, Mad Max Fury Road director George Miller may get to finally make a film featuring Superman.

Some background: during the early days of the 21st Century, Miller and Warner Bros. were working on a project known as Justice League: Mortal. A film that would’ve introduced Armie Hammer as the Batman and D.J. Controna as Superman. That project collapsed in the wake of The Dark Knight‘s success. For his trouble, Miller went on to make what was probably the best movie of this summer. Now, he may finally get show us what his Man of Tomorrow might look like.

Outer Places quotes John Schnepp, director of The Death of Superman Lives, during an appearance on the DC Movie News show from Popcorn Talk, who states with certainty Miller will direct the film, adding, “I think George Miller is a perfect choice to do Man of Steel 2, he’s going to bring so much to it.”

You may want to put a salt shaker on the table despite Schnepp’s confidence. While Miller would be a great choice to helm further Superman adventures, it could always be wishful thinking.

But it’s some great wishful thinking.

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