Transformers: Devastation Will Be 1080p And 60fps On Both New-Gen Consoles

TRANSFORMERS_Screen1.0I’m surprised how soon Transformers: Devastation is coming. The game is hitting in October, yet was only announced at SDCC, with very little gameplay on show. We haven’t really seen the game in action yet from a moment to moment standpoint, and we are only a few months out now.

One thing we do now know though is that the game should run fairly well on new generation consoles. Speaking to Dualshockers (via VG247), Producer Robert Conkey confirmed the game would run at 60 fps and 1080p on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

It was also revealed that this game isn’t being put together by the team who made Legend of Korra strictly speaking as development teams get mixed up after games. For example, the game is being directed by the Metal Gear: Rising director, and will have staff from several other games.

This game has the potential to really knock it out the park, so here is hoping it all comes together. A G1 Transformers game by the makers of Bayonetta has insane potential.