Savage Dragon Tries New Layout for Entire Issue

Savage Dragon Tries New Layout for Entire Issue

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Savage Dragon is one of the longest running series from a single creator/creative team in American comic book history, challenged only by the likes of Cerebus and Groo. Telling the story of an invading alien-turned cop, it has spun off in wide directions, challenging and shocking, but also playing with the medium as creator Erik Larsen chooses. His style changes with the season, as the comic turns from one thing into another. Police procedural/alien invasion/superhero smash-em-up or the current sex comedy, starring his son Malcolm Dragon and friends. All of whom he appears to have made pregnant.


And this latest issue, 205, just because he can, Erik has chosen to give every page the layout of a central character on the left from top to bottom, while the right half, plays out their story. Working as a chapter heading, this enable him to flip through the entire cast in a fast and furious fashion without losing the reader.


Sometimes there is variance, as the main character is not just seen on a plain white background but is part of some wider action. But the top-to-toe panel layout is maintained. It’s not an entirely original page layout. I just haven’t seen it used this way for an entire issue.

And Savage Dragon continues to paint itself as one of the more innovative comic books on the stands, just hiding in plain sight.

Any chance of that Sex Criminals crossover now?

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