Could Jessica Jones Really ‘Go There’ And Further?

Jessica Jones showrunner Michelle Rosenberg appeared for the Television Critics Association to promote the upcoming Netflix show. And talked about the comic Alias by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos that the upcoming Netflix series is based on, the story of what a superhero does after she no longer wants to be one.

“It all starts with Brian Michael Bendis’s Alias series,” Rosenberg said. “He created this incredibly flawed, damaged interesting character. Regardless of gender, it was the character that drew me. He wasn’t afraid to go there and we went even further. We’ve gone further in all of our storytelling.”

All their storytelling?

The series opened with one of the more controversial scenes in Marvel’s comics, so much so that their original Alabama printer refused to print it. What has been interpreted as an anal sex scene between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.


Oh, and I suppose, it was interracial as well. That probably had something to do with it. Either way, this is a world that has been comfortable with an interracial lesbian strap-on scene from Netflix’s Sense-8. So, you know, maybe that’s where they are going.

Could Jessica be the giver and Luke the receiver this time round?

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