Good Luck Finding Greg Land’s Latest References


Greg Land is a popular comic book artist, recently working on Spider-Woman and currently working on a new X-Men series with Cullen Bunn for the All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch. He has a very slick popular style, that’s full of kinetic bombast. Online however, he has the reputation of showing his influences on his sleeve. With websites dedicated to critiquing his work, especially that of the lightbox. Hell, I’ve indulged myself once or twice over the years.


One Marvel writer told me that he basically had a way of writing for Greg, that called for specific scenes that avoided easy reference. And, to be fair, no one has been calling out many Greg Land swipe files in recent years.


But maybe there’s a reason for that? Talking to the ESPN Super Hero Edition, he told them,

If I need a reference, I have old bodybuilding magazines–guys like Frank Zane who have strong physiques but don’t look exaggerated. I take their figures and translate them into something that can work in a comic book.

So good luck swipe fans… I guess there’s much less of a chance of googling these ones.

slider_antman_1bGreg Land wins the internet!


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