Roy Thomas Tells The War Years Of Batman, Superman And Wonder Woman

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Ex-Marvel EIC and veteran comics writer for Marvel and DC, Roy Thomas, has written three new volumes for Chartwell Books. Each details one of the DC Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and their contemporary stories relating to World War II, compiling select stories with commentary and analysis. Go take a look.

Golden Age reprints of DC Comics from someone other than DC? It appears so.


51UL0fpH6yLBatman: The War Years 1939-1946
(W) Bob Kane, Bill Finger (A) Bob Kane, Shelly Moldoff
This new compilation of comic books from the early years of Batman details
his involvement in World War II. For many readers, this is the first time
ever look at Batman in the war. Batman, created in 1939, the caped crusader,
lone mysterious vigilante, brooding anti-hero. He was a great detective and
solved crime in Gotham City. Here we see him battling Hitler and fighting the
HC, 8×11, 304pgs, FC    SRP: $24.99


Superman: The War Years 1938-1946
(W) Jerry Siegel (A) Joe Schuster, Jack Burnley
This compilation of comic books from the early years of Superman reveals his
involvement in World War II. Superman was not like any previous comic book
character. He was the first costumed man with two identities, who possessed
extraordinary strength and powers. He would protect the public when ordinary
measures would not do. He was not the first super hero, but the Man of Steel
would become the prototype for all super heroes thereafter.
HC, 8×11, 304pgs, FC    SRP: $24.99


Wonder Woman: The War Years 1941-1946
(W) William Moulton Marston (A) Harry G. Peter
This new compilation of comic books from the early years of Wonder Woman
shows her involvement in World War II. Wonder Woman, created in 1941, is the
most popular female superhero of all time. Aside from Superman and Batman, no
superhero has lasted as long or commanded such a passionate following.
HC, 8×11, 304pgs, FC    SRP: $24.99

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