22cans CEO Says Peter Molyneux "F'd Up" But They Are Moving Forward

22cans CEO Says Peter Molyneux “F’d Up” But They Are Moving Forward

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molyneux0307-610There was a whole big drama back in February surrounding prolific games designer Peter Molyneux and his developer 22cans. His Kickstarted game Godus game had failed to materialise and fans had started to get on at him for it. This was then compounded by a series of interviews that tore into the developer.

In a rather candid interview with Eurogamer, the developer’s CEO Simon Phillips did not cover up Molyneux’s failings. He said quite plainly, before hopefully looking to the future by saying:

All that stuff you’ve done wrong is quite easy stuff to fix and should have been done, and yes, you f***ed up and should have done all this stuff, but we can sort that out.

But you need to get back into designing games. Don’t try and do everything. Don’t try and glue it all back together because it’s just going to crumble down. You need to make games. That’s what you enjoy. I quite like business. I’ll do the business. And it seems to be working quite well so far.

There is a lot more about the fallout in January over the developer’s work in the interview that you should check out.

I still believe Molyneux is capable of great work in the future. He just needs to laser focus his efforts into making a good game and not over promising.

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