SDCC ’15: Grant Morrison Announces New Digital Comic Avatarex With Humble Bundle (UPDATE)

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Grant Morrison has just announced a new comic book, Avatarex, at San Diego, created with his 18 Days publisher, Graphic India. And exclusive to Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle is a popular charity drive organization and many comic book companies have offered their comics digitally as a way to raise money and promote their projects. donors can pay as little as they want to receive the ‘bundle’ but there are often ‘unlocks’ at certain payment levels….

The package offered will also include the digital versions of Stan Lee’s Chakra The Invincible.

Avatarex is a Mahabharata sequel set in modern day India. And it began as a reaction to the modern super soldier superhero working for SHIELD or Hollywood.

He wanted a progressive comic in afraid of the future with a superhero Avatar X sent from the Third Age to save the universe at the end of time but he got here early. Too strong for this world he is merged with a feckless human and exposed to this world’s foibles. And discovering what they can learn from each other to change the world.

Something the Humble Bundle is doing, to empower young women in India.


(Last Updated July 9, 2015 1:42 pm )

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