Microsoft HoloLens' Holographic Viewpoint Is Pretty Small

Microsoft HoloLens’ Holographic Viewpoint Is Pretty Small

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Microsoft wowed a lot of people with its Minecraft HoloLens display at E3 this year. The technology seemed wild, but reports have been coming in from people who have gone hands on with it and a lot of them have commented on the small viewing portion of the headset.

Yes, you won’t get the panoramic view of a holographic world, but instead only a portion of the glasses to see the augmented reality. Thus far, the public hasn’t seen a representation of this in action, but this video might give us incite.

The video announces a partnership between Microsoft and Case Western Reserve University who are going to use HoloLens in medical application. In it, a representation of the technology in use is shown and the space through which you see the holograms is certainly restricted.

Take a look:


This certainly is disappointing, but at the same time, you have to remember what this tech actually does. It’s still very exciting, even if it isn’t quite the way I’m sure many of us imagined it.

Thanks GamesRadar for the heads up!


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