The State Of Batman's Mental Health, Today

The State Of Batman’s Mental Health, Today

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When we last left Batman and Joker, in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s Batman: Endgame, they were fighting near a pool of miraculously healing liquid, before they were buried alive.

Which did leave a potential get out for both.

No sign of The Joker since, but last month we got the nod that Bruce Wayne was still with us. But today? In Batman, he seems a relaxed, chilled out fellow.

Batman (2011-) 042-022

Doing the Lord’s work, as it were, Without having to dress up as a bat to do it. Almost… chilling.

Batman (2011-) 042-023

Did Bruce Wayne get cured by said healing liquid? And, as well as healing his body – did it heal his mind as well? Is he no longer the psycopath vigilante he once was? Is he… better?

And if not, who would want him to change? Because over in Bryan Hitch‘s JLA, he is at his worst.

Justice League of America (2015-) 002-026

I’m sure some of them are good people too, Bruce, as Donald Trump would say. I’d tell him to chill out, but that would just be poor choice of wording.

So while in Batman, even Jim Gordon knows….

Batman (2011-) 042-004In JLA, he can still use a poor health service system to do his work for him.

Comics courtesy of Yesteryear Comics, San Diego, currently hosting a signing by Johnnie Christmas.


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