Sony Boss Neither Confirms Nor Denies Legitimacy Of PlayStation Nintendo

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Last week, a mysterious discovery was said to have been made as one Redditor claimed he had a prototype for a working PlayStation Nintendo. These things were at one time real, in fact too, thanks to a famous partnership between Sony and Nintendo that fell apart at the last minute.

The legitimacy of the console in question has been wildly speculated since the news hit, but PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida isn’t going to help out. Speaking to Engadget UK, Yoshida talked about that initial deal and how he is going to let the Internet stew on the legitimacy:

When I joined Ken Kutaragi’s team [in 1993], there was a system called ‘Play Station’ that had both Super Nintendo cartridge support and some disc game support. Actually, I played some games [on it] as well.

But I’m not going to confirming or denying that this is the one because, somehow, I think it’s more fun to keep it kind of a mystery

What a tease.

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