Capcom Is Making A Life Size, Wearable MegaMan Helmet

Capcom Is Making A Life Size, Wearable MegaMan Helmet

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MegaMan may not be the most popular of all the classic franchises, but the series does have a fiercely loyal fanbase. It’s also not hard to see that game’s legacy still permeating through platforming games today. It is a very important title in video game history.

If you count yourself among the mega-fans of the series, here is something worth looking at. Capcom are producing these life-sizem, high quality wearable MegaMan helmets. You’ll be able to pre-order one from the company’s store ‘soon’ and they are on display at SDCC this week too, so keep an eye out.

No price has been announced, but I’m fairly certain that these are going to be quite expensive. My guess is we are looking at a $300+ item here.

I’m pretty sure these were actually on display at E3 at the MegaMan booth, along side lots of other helmets of MegaMan characters. I’d be interested to see a wider variety made available in the future.

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