Dishonoured 2 Dev Discuss The Choice Of Playing As Corvo Or Emily

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One of the big announcements from Bethesda’s press conference at E3 wasn’t just that Dishonored 2 is coming, but also that you can play as Emily Kaldwin too. You get a choice too, meaning you can play as the first games protagonist Corvo or instead choose to go with Emily Caldwell as your protagonist.

Speaking to Mashable, Co-director on the game Harvey Smith discussed why they are being careful with Emily as a character as well as how that pivotal choice around the playalbe protagonist presents itself.

There were a bunch of pitfalls to avoid. Obviously there are a bunch of tropes that people lazily reach for when they make female protagonists. But we worked really hard. Our narrative designer, Sachka Duval, was involved in that. It’s been a good process.

We were trying to decide how … to break it up so you make the choice…He’s [lead level design director Christophe Carrier] the one who recommended, maybe you play as Emily for like half an hour and then you get to this pivotal moment where a dramatic thing happens, and you choose at that point whether to continue with Emily or switch to Corvo. And then you’re locked in.

There is a lot more over at Mashable, lots of which is really interesting. I

To me, Emily really does seem the more enticing character here. Seeing how she goes from Royalty to an assassin, running across roofs in a distant land sounds like an interesting journey. I hope Arkane really do figure out ways to make Corvo, as a character, more interesting. He was a little lacking in that department in the first game. Hopefully Arkane can find a little something worth exploring in him.

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