Xbox Boss Says That It’s Better When Gaming Industry Heads Play Games

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2630655-phil-spencer-microsoft_reuters_1200For a long time, it appeared business executives who ran the games industry were pretty clueless about the medium they ran. They were business people first, lovers of video games a distant second.

Of late though, that seems to be changing. Heads of major platforms like Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida and Xbox’s Phil Spencer clearly care deeply for the medium. They came up through the ranks surrounded by games and learnt what they know from the industry. It has created a culture where it feels like these businesses want good games, not just good profits at any cost. It makes for a much healthier industry.

Spencer agrees too. Speaking on Twitter, when talking to a fan who commended him and Yoshida, he tweeted:

This understanding of market and audience seems much more valuable than business know how. It allows companies to make long term decisions that help the entire industry and not just personal short term profit gains.

I hope Yoshida and Spencer stay where they are for a long time.

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