Developer Says That No More Heroes 3 Will Come Out In 15 To 25 Year


No More Heroes was a bit of a cult classic on the Wii. It was different to pretty much anything else on the console through its whole run. It was bright, violent and let you wield a lightsaber. What's not to love?

No More Heroes 3 was announced years ago now, but thus far, we have seen nothing. So where is it? In a recent interview with GameReactor (via Destructoid), creator of the series Suda51 said that it was likely still coming…just two decades from now. He said:

Yeah, No More Heroes 3, I get a lot of requests from fans and I'm very grateful for that, but I'm thinking it may happen within 15 years or so? (laughs). Maybe not through Kickstarter, but GungHo would of course be supportive if that were to happen. I think I have the vision that Travis forgot something, so I really have to have him to go back and get back what he has forgotten. But yeah, I definitely want to make it possible, but I also want to create something new, so maybe within 15 to 25 years (laughs).

There is something inherently hilarious about the idea of a No More Heroes 3 coming out in 2040. It would be very Suda51-esque. It is fine, I can wait.