Howling Commandos Of SHIELD Launched By Frank Barbieri And Brent Schoonover #MarvelOctober (UPDATE)


Today, we have a lot of Marvel news coming through about their All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch in October.

Such as Howling Commandos Of SHIELD by Frank Barbiere and Brent Schoonover for October.

We knew it was coming, just not the SHIELD bit… and we seem to get a revived Dum Dum Dugan along with it! Well, it is a supernatural series… made up of Googam, Man-Thing, Hit Monkey, Dum Dum, Teen Abomination, Elsa Bloodstone, Werewolf By Night, Manphibian and a new zombie – could it be Thunderbolt Ross? Agent Sitwell?

The tagline? “To fight the monster of the world… we need the monsters of the night.”

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UPDATE: With the image from IMGUR, hat tip to ilikepie on the CBR boards.

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