Microsoft Say That Phantom Dust Isn’t Cancelled But No One Is Working On It Either


The Phantom Dust reboot was a pretty weird call to begin with when it was announced at E3 2014. It was a little remembered franchise, so seeing Microsoft go whole hog into it with a new game was pretty surprising.

Then things went south pretty fast as developer Darkside Games was abruptly pulled from the project, causing them to close. Ever since then, what’s happening with the project has been shrouded in secret.

We finally have an update though and the answer is…well, not much has been going on. Marketing head of Xbox Aaron Greenberg spoke to Gamertag Radio to clarify the game’s status. He said:

The project is not cancelled. We don’t have an active developer on it right now.

That is hardly promising for the future of the game, but hey, it is something. I’m sure Microsoft do sitll intend to do something with this game. It is just a case of when now.