Celebrate Etch-A-Sketch’s Birthday On July 12th With #EtchASketch55Bday

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DetectiveScene_TS2Etchb4Do you remember that awesome childhood toy that provided hours and hours of fun? Now a days kids would probably laugh at it with the advances in technology, but I’ll never forget how great it was to play with my Etch-a-Sketch! Yep! I have a nostalgic throwback for you…

Etch A Sketch, The World’s Favorite Drawing Toy is turning 55 on July 12th! The iconic toy was first introduced in the United States in 1960 by The Ohio Art Company as a mechanical drawing toy, but has since become the iconic toy everyone knows and loves. It is a symbol of American pop culture, an adult’s portal into blissful childhood memories, a preferred medium for some artists but most importantly, it is still a source of fun and entertainment for children of all ages. More than 175 million units have been sold worldwide since it made its debut 55 years ago.

Martin Killgallon, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Product Development from The Ohio Art Company made a statement about the product:

For fifty-five years Etch A Sketch has remained one of the world’s most popular toys despite an increasingly technological toy market. Its success can be attributed to its simple design that inspires endless hours of creativity, requires no instructions, is portable and powered simply by imagination.

In celebration of the day, they’ve asked fans of the product to use the hashtag: #EtchASketch55Bday! So dig that vintage toy out of your attic, or go pick up one for yourself. You can totally say it’s for your kid, or your niece/nephew. No one has to know that you’re going to go home and doodle…

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