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Sam Eggleston writes,

It took God six days to make everything, from the heavens and the Earth to the stars in the sky and, of course, humanity. And then, on the seventh day, God rested.

But what happens when the seventh day comes to an end? What would define the next day in God’s work?

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What if the world was once actually flat and it was the overwhelming belief of the people who inhabited it that made it round? What if it wasn’t until the majority of humanity believed that extrasolar planets existed that they made an appearance?

What if each of us were indeed created in God’s image, complete with the ability to create and destroy and shape the very world around us?

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The Eighth Day is a webcomic written by Sam Eggleston (Cazadora, Dead by Wednesday) and drawn by Roberta Ingranata (Zenescope’s Robyn Hood) with letters by John Hunt (Combat Jacks, Naruto, Star Trek: TNG) that currently is running a Kickstarter until July 10. If successful, the webcomic will begin publishing in January.

Welcome to The Eighth Day, which is currently featured on Kickstarter with just around three weeks remaining and about 65 percent of its $4,000 goal having been funded.


“Despite the concept of the comic being based on religion, the comic itself isn’t really about religion,” said Eggleston. “It’s about self-discovery, belief and the potential of being more than anyone ever thought possible.”

The comic takes place in the not-too-distant future when a virus has either killed or mutated most of humanity. Those left alive are forced to try and survive in the remains of the world. One of those survivors is a woman named Devani. Her world is quiet and lonely. But it’s in that solitude she begins to realize she has the ability to change the world around her and to alter reality.


Once launched, the Eighth Day will have a new page released each week. Every 24 pages will be collected into a comic and made available to purchase. Currently the book is planned in black and white, but there is a stretch goal that will allow backers to choose between that and a color version.

“We’ll probably still go black and white on the webcomic, unless the colors really bring out a different mood that compliments the story,” Eggleston said. “Roberta’s art is always top-notch, and I’ve liked the way it has looked as a black and white story from the first page she sent to me.”

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The Kickstarter will give backers the opportunity to get the hard copy of the first 24 pages before the webcomic even begins. Additionally, there are quite a few rewards to choose from, ranging from a digital collected copy of the first comic to original commissions from several artists to sketch covers and more.

As a way of giving a nod to the readers of Bleeding Cool, there will also be a limited number of “Bleeding Cool Copies” made available at a discounted rate, limited to the first 25 backers to select that reward tier.

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