Comics And Art! Luis Bivar's Work Is On Display In Asbury Park, NJ

Comics And Art! Luis Bivar’s Work Is On Display In Asbury Park, NJ

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I did some exploring this past weekend in Asbury Park, NJ and stumbled upon a really cool gallery called Exhibit No. 9. The place was filled with a ton of unique artwork, but as I walked around the space one artist in particular caught my eye. At first I couldn’t help but stare at the beauty of this mysterious looking painting of a woman. As I stepped closer, I began to realize that there was more behind her eyes. What did I find you ask? Well, I found comics!

The artist’s name is Luis Bivar. His collection, “Face It” features large scale paintings of women in different moods. The human face is characterized by two colors, but when you get closer you can see the collaged images of Marvel comics that he used. Suddenly you’re looking at a face, and then in the next moment you’re looking at tons of different images.

After seeing that, I obviously wanted to know more about him and what he was all about. The gallery owner was kind enough to explain that he is a Portuguese contemporary figurative artist who lives and works in Lisbon. His work is currently being displayed in the gallery until July 26th. If you’re in the area, I highly suggest checking the place out. This artist wasn’t the only unique awesome thing to view there, but I couldn’t help but share the comic nature of his style here on Bleeding Cool!

For more information visit their website, or if you’re local then head to 550-102 Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ.

FACE-IT-#8-PRINTChristine Marie is a Staff Writer at Bleeding Cool, and bibliomaniac with a love for all things creative. She hopes to one day be a Superhero/Disney Princess/Novelist. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @AWritersWay or on her blog

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