British Comics To Sponsor Kids TV Shows For A Year

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CITV is a British children’s TV station, run from the ITV stable of commercial channels, and in direct competition with the BBC channels CBBC and CBeebies and other commerical rivals such as Tiny Pops.

I have two young daughters, I know this stuff.

But what I didn’t know was that DC Thomson was to start sponsoring CITV. Publishers of comics such as The Beano, Commando, Dennis & Gnasher WWE Kids and the Jacqueline Wilson Magazine, they have a new Thunderbirds Are Go comic book coming out soon.

And as a result, will be sponsoring the entire channel for a year, starting in August, that will promote their line of titles.


ITV are already running the new Thunderbirds TV show which should make for an easy tie in. But DC Thomson will be using this opportunity to advertise the whole line, and probably launch some new titles as well.

As for CBBC? Wile they dont take advertising, they do run the Dennis And Gnasher cartoon

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