The DC Comics Character Hiding In Robin, Son Of Batman (SPOILERS)

The DC Comics Character Hiding In Robin, Son Of Batman (SPOILERS)

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Okay, the previous one of these looks like a fairly solid definite, This is less so. But we’re going to go with it.

So Robin, Son Of Batman #1 came out this week.

Featuring this character. The daughter of telekinetic criminal killer, Mogan Ducard, also known as Nobody. Morgan was also the son of the detective who once trained Bruce Wayne. 
Robin - Son of Batman (2015-) 001-010

So this is the latest in the line. And it’s not just criminals she goes for, police are also in her scope.

Robin - Son of Batman (2015-) 001-011

And the daughter of Nobody seems to have a thing for the son of Batman.

Robin - Son of Batman (2015-) 001-023

Here’s the thing, how many female daughters of assassins are there in the Batman universe? Could this this be a revival of fan favourite, once-upon-a-time Batgirl Cassandra Cain, by the back door? In the old DCU, she was the daughter of David Cain and Lady Shiva but the New 52 Lady Shiva is a little on the young side…

Hey, it’s not as if her appearance didn’t vary in the Pre 52 as well…

116jfok Thumb_Cassandra_Cain tumblr_m65n1izsdd1qlrpiko1_500

Could this be a new Cassandra Cain for the DCYOU?

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