Microsoft Genuniely Thought Backwards Compatibillity Was Impossible

Microsoft Genuniely Thought Backwards Compatibillity Was Impossible

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One of the biggest stories of E3 was undoubtedly that the Xbox One was going to support Xbox 360 games. The feature has been long asked for, so it’s good to see it.

It does raise an uncomfortable question for Microsoft though, If they can do it now, why did they say it was impossible when the console came out?

Well, the company has been out at E3 and have explained the situation. Speaking to Destructoid, a Microsoft representative said:

At the time, we really thought [backwards compatibility] was [an impossibility]. But, the team never gave up on wanting to do it, and it’s an unbelievably brilliant team. What happened was they just took a different attack on it, and never gave up on the dream of being able to do it for our fans. Fans continued to vote it up on User Voice and that let the team keep faith that we could make it happen.

Of course, you can read into the validity of this as you wish. Maybe they knew it was always possible, maybe they didn’t. At this point though, what does it matter? The feature is here.

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