The Satire Of Prez #1 Is Shown Up By Actual British News

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Today sees the release of Prez #1. A satirical take on modern day politics and society that sees a young woman elected President on Twitter due to trending on YouTube after getting her hair caught making corndogs.

As you do.

Except the problem with this comic is that reality isn’t sitting back and waiting for Prez to happen. It is that Britain is beating you all to it.

Scan 49

We have people taking part in gameshows to get themselves out of poverty doing humiliating and dangerous things. Well, welcome to BBC’s Britain’s Hardest Grafter, already collecting tens of thousands of petition votes to have it banned before it airs.


What next? Well there’s politicians going on inappropriate YouTube channels in a desperate attempt to appeal to a younger demographic who might not otherwise vote and even show complete disdain towards politicians.

Scan 50Well, in our last general election, Ed Miliband, the then Leader Of The Opposition did basically this on Russell Brand‘s The Trews channel, and was widely mocked as a result.

And right now, the Labour party are choosing a new leader and for the first time have an open primary in which anyone can vote for an MP who has the backing of enough other MPs. Which means the hard left, Trotskyist, anti-Israel MP Jeremy Cobyn is now getting huge support from members of the Conservative Party who are paying their £3 in droves to vote to elect this man with the intent of making the Labour Party even more unelectable next time..

And in Prez, Corndog Girl is getting votes for only slightly less ridiculous reasons.

Scan 51

Sorry, Prez, you are just going to have to try harder. British politics has you beat.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London, currently preparing for their Death Sentence signing today with Martin Simmonds at 6.30pm – will you be there?


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