English Language BBC Sherlock Manga Banned In The USA

English Language BBC Sherlock Manga Banned In The USA

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There has been lots of fuss regarding the Japanese publication of an English language version of their manga adaptation of the BBC Steven Moffat/Mark Gatiss Sherlock series, using the text from the original TV show. Rather than translating back from the translated Japanese.

On its announcement, Sherlock fans in the USA went kinda nuts and tried ordering it from Books Kinokuniya.

Word came down, however, that the book is embargoed. It can’t be sold to the US due to rights and licensing issues.

What the issues are, we don’t know. Actors’ likeness rights? Territorial license clashes? Possibly that

a US publisher has already comic book rights to the show and is planning their own version? Maybe they could be planning to license the Japanese version themselves.

But right now, until they stamp down on it, the US fan’s best best is ordering from Amazon Japan.

Good luck – the game is on!


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