Marvel To Publish 'Adult Colouring Books'

Marvel To Publish ‘Adult Colouring Books’

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Civil_War_Coloring_Book_CoverAs we have commented before, there have been a spare of “adult colouring books” hitting the market featuring intricate designs, sometimes sexual imagery, for adults to colour.

Age_of_Ultron_Coloring_Book_CoverYeah it does my head in as well. Anyway, Marvel – who have been happy providing normal kids colouring books, have stepped in. With Civil War, Age Of Ultron and…

Little_Marvel_by_Skottie_Young_Coloring_Book_CoberOkay, how in the world is Little Marvel an adult colouring book? Look I get it with the art for Age Of Ultron…
Age_of_Ultron_Coloring_Book_Preview_3 Age_of_Ultron_Coloring_Book_Preview_2 Age_of_Ultron_Coloring_Book_Preview_1And for Civil War, maybe. Lots of tricky bits. But how can you justify that for Little Marvel? It’s a kids colouring book and this is just hipster poserishness of the highest order.

It’s basically a way to reprint existing comics without colour and charge eight bucks each. Hey, when IDW does this they charge $100.

I want one. Age Of Ultron out in October, Little Marvel out in February and almost a year for Civil War, out next April…

Or just go to a place like ComicArtFans and print it all off yourself.


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