The Gossip Of New York - Mighty Marvel Meddling?

The Gossip Of New York – Mighty Marvel Meddling?

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inn-sports-bar-loungeThere is a definite rule in the comic book industry. Get a bunch of creators together in a city, give them alcohol, give them a modicum of space away from their editors and they begin to gossip openly. That’s the experience of some at Special Edition: NYC, held in Manhattan last week, and spilling out into the sports bars afterwards.

One topic that was raised are the recent spate of Marvel comic books that have been late, even as DC Comics still manage to (mostly) stay on time.

The finger being pointed is of one familiar to DC creators over the last few years, but less so right now. That a ton of other fingers are going into a platter of pies. Several writers and artists, who are diligent, on-time people, seem to be complaining that they are getting redo request after redo request from senior people at Marvel, who they had previously never heard of, but who they presume are linked to Marvel Studios.

Any character that appears in the films, or is slated to, seems to be subject to incredible scrutiny and interference up that chain, as to how they appear in the comics. The belief is that with many departments run by younger editors these days, the creators are not getting the shielding they used to under older, now-departed editors.

Conversely, many DC creators feel have never has so much freedom under the DC You banner. As ever, it’s swings and roundabouts…

The one proviso? X-Men. That department has been in serious flux since the departure of Mike Marts, the appointment of Mark Paniccia. For some it’s being painted as a dead end place. But, as long as you are happy not to create new content that Fox Studios might be able to monetise, it’s basically a free-for all without interference from strange mysterious Marvel folk… say, isn’t that when the X-Men was at it’s very best? When no one really cared?

More on that very soon…

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