The Contents Pages For Today's Bleeding Cool Magazine #17 - The San Diego Comic Con Issue

The Contents Pages For Today’s Bleeding Cool Magazine #17 – The San Diego Comic Con Issue

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Scan 6In London, the sun is shining. It’s starting to feel like San Diego. All I need is a hundred thousand cosplayers outside my front door, a preacher, a fictional protest against a fictional company being used to promote a piece of fiction and someone giving out flyers about their Kickstarter and I’m there.

But, for now, here’s a taster, from today’s Bleeding Cool Magazine #17 available in all good comic book stores and very few bad ones. The contents pages…

I know, go wild.  But, as you can see, today’s Bleeding Cool Magazine also indicates an increase in page length from 96 pages to 128.Scan 5Consider it your bi-monthly toll for reading the website for free. Works out as 10 cents a day…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Where Martin Simmons will, next Wednesday, be signing copies of Death Sentence.


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