6 Things We Might Get From DC Comics In October

Bleeding Cool has pointed out that DC Comics seems to be seeing October as a big month rather than September this year. So what might be in it? A few guesses…

1. Batman Eternal Year Two. A second series of the year-long Batman weekly comic book from Scott Snyder and friends has been promised at some point. October might be a good time to launch it and help shore up some of that marketshare for DC Comics that has been absent of late.

2 and 3. The two missing titles from DC You are Mystic U by Alisa Kwitney and Dark Universe, that saw its creative team leave. If they haven't been scrapped altogether, this would be a good opportunity to launch.

4. With Supergirl launching at a TV series in November, could late October be a good time to relaunch the Supergirl comic?

5. Aquaman's Justice League story that got teased a way back? Rise Of The Seven Seas?


6. Something Bat-related from Peter Tomasi

Of course, maybe no 6. is also no.1…

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