The All-New Hulk Is….?

Fantasy__038910_29We are told that the All-New Hulk will cause controversy. That just the character’s silhouette alone will cause ructions. And that the same folk who got upset with Jane Foster as Thor will get as upset with this as well.

Which has led a number to suggest that Jennifer Walters, the She-Hulk, will become the actual Hulk.

Well, stranger things have happened. But one Little Bleeder writes in, who has never written in before, telling me that they overheard Marvel staff members in New York gossiping that the new Hulk will actually be the Ultimate Reed Richards character, the psychopathic teenage genius from the Ultimate Universe.

I could see such a character being able to alter his shape to Hulk dimensions,. but as it stands, can’t exactly see how that might work.

But it’s the most insane idea I’ve heard so far… so it just might work. I don’t know whether to believe it and it may well be contradicted in hours, but I just thought…

Reed_Richards_Time_Runs_Out…see, that’s what I was thinking.

What larks!




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