Swipe File: Mitch Foust Vs. Pat McCarny

Swipe File: Mitch Foust Vs. Pat McCarny

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There has been a resurgence of late in colouring books aimed at an adult audience. Basically Simon Pegg was right.

Anyway, this one caught the eye of some… the Celtic Coloring Book: Mythology, Spirituality and Magic Celtic Coloring Book for Adults (Volume 1) by Pat McCarny.

51TjGY9e2YLExcept the cover art was by Mitch Foust, posted to DeviantArt.

sheild_maiden_by_mitchfoustAnd so the one-star reviews came in, including from Mitch.

I don’t know if Pat McCarney is claiming the work is his, it is not. I have not given permission for the work to be used and no compensation given.
Please DO NOT buy this book. I speculate there are other pieces stolen art in the interior of the book, if the cover is stolen.
Art theft is still theft. Please do not help this individual profit from other artist’s work.

This may be a great idea for a book. I wouldn’t know. I won’t buy it because the cover art, at least, has been stolen from the artist who drew it without any kind of permission or recompense.

The art in this book is in violation of copyright laws and should be removed immediately! This kind of plagiarism should not be allowed by Amazon or anyone else.

The original art is by artist Mitch Foust who did not give permission or receive compensation for his work. This is deplorable!! PLEASE DO NOT BUY or support this criminal act!!

Good idea, maybe… that’s the only reason I gave it any stars at all.

The cover art was stolen from Mitch Foust, an artist I’ve followed for years and recently have the honor of calling friend. Don’t support blatant thieft. Don’t support lazy attempts to gain at the expense of the talent, hard work, and recognition of others.

And the like. There was one five star review amongst them all.

Brilliant idea! Very good product.

Who wrote that?

Rob Granito

Most amusing. Sadly some didn’t get the joke.

Stop promoting theft! I hope you are both banned~!

no this is stolen work so NOT 5 stars…shame on you…

Oh really? What was good about this product? The stolen artwork?

I guess not everyone knows that name. As for the “author”, he replied saying,

All pictures are Copyright Free images mainly taken from supercoloring.com.

But I can’t find this one on there…



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