Bethesda Store And Retailers Suggests Fallout 4 Is A 2015 Game


It always felt like to me that Fallout 4 was going to be a 2015 game. Bethesda like to make announcements for games and then release them in the same year.

Well, here is an exciting bit of news that could suggest we will be walking around a nuclear ravaged Boston before the year is up. On Bethesda’s Store, if you pre-ordered the game right when it was announced, a place holder date of “TBC 2015” appeared. This has been changed now to just “TBC”.

On top of that, retailers like Amazon, GameStop, Game, and EB all have the game listed as a 2015 too. These could all be placeholders, but the evidence is there and plentiful. I do expect the game to come out in 2015 now, but if you want to manage your expectations, this is no where near confirmed.

I still think it is going to happen though…