Prints Charming – Giant Days, Star Wars, Secret Wars, Kaijumax, Battleworld And Rick & Morty (Cover Update)

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Consider this an increasingly regular feature looking at comic books that have gone to second prints or more. Now, it is worth remembering that some publishers plan second prints automatically, whether they are needed or not and will often just run extra first print copies in the initial run, set them aside and put a second print cover on them. It can be a marketing strategy, showing that there is confidence in the performance of the book, get a headline or three and use it to persuade retailers to up their orders of subsequent books. And comics news reporting sites become implicit in that market distortion every time we run them as a story.

So from Oni Press Kaijumax #1 and Rick & Morty #2 both get second printings, both out in stores for 24th June.


While Secret Wars Battleworld #1 gets the first Secret Wars spinoff second printing, alongside the second printing for Secret Wars #1. And Star Wars #3 gets a third printing, out for July 3rd.


While Boom are to publish a Giant Days Orientation Edition, which combines issues 1 and 2 of John Allison and Lissa Treiman‘s series into one…

Out for the 1st of July.

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