Mark Paniccia Confirmed As X-Men Editor, With Daniel Ketchum On Bass

Mark_PanicciaIn Axel Alonso‘s regular PR Q&A on CBR, he confirmed the Bleeding Cool report from a few weeks ago, that Mark Paniccia is the new X-Men Group Editor, with a few more details.

Moving back to Marvel Comics — “Old Man Logan” #1 debuted this week, and longtime Marvel editor Mark Paniccia is listed in the credits. Given that, can you confirm he is indeed the new X-Men Senior Editor?

Alonso: Yes, he is. And Mark will be working very closely with Editor Daniel Ketchum, who is returning to the X-office, where he belongs, so Mark will have a very capable Lieutenant working with him.

I wanted to get your take on what made Paniccia the right fit for the role — he seems like a natural choice, given his experience; he’s been at Marvel for a decade. But for you, what made him the right person to lead this line of books?

Alonso: It was a combination of things. Mark’s a veteran editor who’s never edited X-Men before. With the upcoming demise of the Ultimate Universe, he has some extra bandwidth… but not quite enough to handle the entire X-Men line on his own. That’s why we shifted Daniel — who is a full Editor — over to work in Mark’s office. Daniel assisted me for a couple years so I know he’s got game, he worked his way up to Editor with great work, and he’s very experienced with the X-Men. This is a chance for him to shine. I really like what Mark and Daniel are up to. It’s been a very productive few weeks.

Marvel staffers who have talked to me tell a slightly different story, with confusion rather than productivity being the general state at the X Offices after Senior Editor Michael Marts shock departure from Marvel to head up Aftershock Comics. And the planned X-Men To Europa storyline is still up in the air…


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